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Albert Black & Tan Coonhounds

Thunder Mountain Black and Tans Thunder Mountain Black and Tans GR NITE CH GRAND CH PKC CH "PR" HICKS' THREE TIME ALBERT 170859525 GENE HICKS AND THREE TIME ALBERT 170859527 GRAND NITE CH - GRAND CH HICKS' PRETTY BOY ALBERT AND GRAND NITE CH - GRAND CH "PR" HICKS' THUNDER MTN. ELI 170859529 GENE HICKS AND A PAIR OF ALBERT BLACK AND TANS TREED ON WILD COON. 170859530 ALBERT BLACK AND TANS TREED ON WILD COON 170859532 GR SH CH SAVAGE'S BLACK COBRA SIRE - MNGO DAM - DIXIE OWNED BY DONALD SAVAGE, STILLWATER, MN 170859533 ALBERT BLACK AND TANS TREED ON BEAR 170859534 GENE HICKS AND THREE TIME ALBERT WINNING BLACK AND TAN SECTIONAL HUNT 170859524 172329611 Tennessee Thunder 172329612 Grand Nite Ch- Grand Ch. Hicks' Four Time Albert 172329613 Hicks Black Rosey 172329614 Thunder Mtn Big Kate 172329615 PR Hicks' Blacksmith Bill 172329616 Thunder Mtn Mark, Sire of Thunder Mtn. Mingo 172329617 UKC GR. Nite Ch. Grand Show Champion 'Pr' Hicks' Black Bandit 172329618 Dual Grand Ch. Two Time Albert and his son Nite Ch. All Nite Albert, treed on wild coon in Georgia. 172329619 Thunder Mtn. Beauty Dam of Six Time Albert 172329620 Gr. Ch. Gr. Nt Ch. Hicks' Three Time Albert King of Show 172329621 Grand Nite Ch. Hester's Big Show Brutus, a Grandson of Two Time Albert. 172329622 Grand Nite Ch. Grand Show Ch. 2005 National Grand Nite Ch. of Breed. 2005 UKC Winter Classic Nite Hunt Champion 'Pr' Hicks' Sundown Ryder 172329623 Gene Hicks and Grand Nite Ch. Grand Ch. 'Pr' Hicks' Sweetwater Sailor 172329624 Gene Hicks with Five Time Albert 172329625 Sweetwater Sailor with Wes Massey 172329626 Six Time Albert and Big Daddy Treed 172329627 Grand Ch. 'PR' Hicks' Diamond Jill 172329628 Grand Ch Nite Ch. Bad to the Bone Jessie 172329629 Grand Nite Ch. Coat Mtn. John, a son of Nite Ch. Grand Ch. Thunder Mtn. Black Squaw. 172329630 'PR' Thunder Mtn. Jill 172329631 Hicks' Black Pepper Dam of Dual Grand Ch. Pretty Boy Albert 172329632 UKC Grand Show Ch. Grand Nite Ch. AKC Nite Ch. 1994 UKC Winter Classic Nite Hunt Ch. Two Time Albert. 172329633 Dynamite Dan and Big Time Albert Treed. 172329634 Albert and Sassy 172329735 Gene Hicks and Wallace Bates with Dynamite Dan 172329736 Donnie Lock with Dual Gr. Ch. 'PR' Hicks' Four Time Albert. 172329737