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Albert Black & Tan Coonhounds

Who We Are

Why Us?

My name is Gene Hicks. I was born and raised in McMinn County, in East Tennessee. I am 64 years old. I'm still a highly active coonhunter. I still hunt, January thru December. I started coonhunting with my father when I was five years of age. I bought my first Black and Tan coonhound when I was 15 years old. I have been raising and training Black and Tan coonhounds ever since. I've always been a highly competitive person. I have always held high standards, whether it be for myself or for my coonhounds. My goal is to breed, train and hunt the very best. I've never been solely satisfied, so I will always try to improve my breeding program each year. I want you to know that I've always tried to be honest and to uphold high valves. I try to do my very best in this life, concerning anyone, also, concerning anything that I do. I served two years in the military, United States Army. I held high honors when I was in the military. I was a Senior Medical Aidman. I won Expert, in Firing Weapons. I won the Physical Fitness, (P.C.P.T. Test) honors twice, and the second time I won the award, the score was maxed. It was almost impossibe to max the score. I have been very closely connected to the United Kennel Club, Inc, for over the last 40 years. I am a UKC Licensed Bench Show Judge. The major shows that I have judged are THE UKC WORLD'S SHOW CHAMPIONSHIP, three times. I have judged the UKC WINTER CLASSIC SHOW, two times. I have judged THE BLACK AND TAN DAYS BENCH SHOW for the AMERICAN BLACK AND TAN COONHOUND ASSOCIATION. I also judged the AKC YOUTH WORLD SHOW CHAMPIONSHIP. I have judged very many state shows. I have been an active Licensed Bench Show Judge for over 40 years. I have been a UKC LICENSED MASTER OF HOUNDS, for over 40 years. I worked for UKC as a FIELD REPRESENTATIVE for 11 years. I received honor awards, for helping with the UKC WORLD NITE HUNT CHAMPIONSHIP, for those years. I served as MASTER OF HOUNDS on all the WORLD QUALIFYING HUNTS. I have served the AMERICAN BLACK AND TAN ASSOCIATION at BLACK AND TAN DAYS, by being MASTER OF HOUNDS for the hunt. I was on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS for two years with this organization. Also, I won honors as a Full Cry Magazine columnist for A.B.T.C.H.A. Lately in 2009, I won an award for my dedication to the AMERICAN BLACK AND TAN BREED. I have been following the BLACK AND TAN HOUND for over 48 years now. I feel that I am highly qualified in the breeding, training, hunting, and registration of these hounds. I also feel that I know the characteristics of this GREAT BLACK AND TAN BREED OF COONHOUNDS.